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Kristina teaches me all the time! I have learned more about how to market my wedding planning business from her, than anyone else. Thank you Kristina for such useful information!

This lady is DELIGHTFUL!

I’m not even a wedding professional, but I have an online business and I’ve heard Kristina is fun, helpful, and has great insights. I’m already loving this podcast! Learn and be delighted at the same time, she is so entertaining.

You need this!!

Kristina has such passion for helping you improve your marketing. She has such a loving way to guide you along your journey. Thank you for your great advice! You can't go wrong with this podcast. Hit subscribe. Just do it!


Kristina is a wealth of knowledge on all things marketing, and she’s so down to earth! Her no-nonsense approach combined with her huge heart to help makes Kristina truly one of a kind. Hit subscribe, you’ll be glad you did!

Genius Indeed!

Kristina is the real deal — genuine kindness, amazing intelligence, generous mentor, genius in marketing and tech, and now...a great podcaster too. Listen to all of her episodes to get a complete training on how to grow your business and your client list while also having fun and doing your heart’s work. Kristina delivers the essentials and the extras every time!

L. Napier

Kristina is awesome! Her dedication & enthusiasm in helping others is always positive and she provides first-class services!! Her podcasts are really motivating!

Kristina is a Rockstar!

Everything Kristina does is so smart and bold, and her podcast is no exception! It’s techy, strategic, accessible, and delivered with wry humor. Love it!

Kristina is top notch!!

Kristina has the expertise and skill to help wedding professionals gain confidence and success in their market.

Great podcast!

Thank you Kristina!!! Awesome informative podcast!

Great resource for wedding vendors!

Lots of informative tips and ideas on how to grow your wedding business.